Our Rooms at Characters Nursery

Toddler room (2 - 3 years)

The toddler room is specially designed for your child’s next stage of development.

This room provides a range of activities such as role-play and encourages more social interaction, but also understands the need for individual play, which helps to encourage independence and confidence.

In the toddler room the children can view all the staff and children from the baby room so that they have the extra comfort of a familiar face when they move rooms. Children in the toddler room will be given the support they need to develop further, and parents will be able to view all the activities and daily information on the toddler room notice board. Parents will be informed of their child’s progress and staff will always be available to answer any questions or listen to any comments that you make. For this age group we also cover the birth to three matters curriculum, which can be found on the toddler room notice board.

Pre-school (3 - 5 years)

Our pre-school room is set in our light and airy conservatory.

In this room we provide a wide range of activities such as dressing up, home corner, story corner, puppet theatre, painting, computer play and clay modelling. We cover the national QCA curriculum for the foundation stage and all our planning can be viewed in the pre-school room on our notice board.

We have themed displays and activities, which are changed regularly in accordance to the season or event such as Christmas or a religious festival. We understand the importance of anti-discriminatory behaviour and we will promote this by every way we can, including being a positive role model and providing multi-cultural activities and toys.

In the pre-school room we believe it is important to give children a bit more structure as they come closer to school age, to help them prepare for their next stage. We will encourage the children to be polite and kind to each other and to interact with other children as much as possible.

Baby room (3 months - 2 years)

This is a light, airy room with a separate cot room and changing area.

We have up to date modern equipment to promote each babies’ development and well being in a peaceful and stimulating environment. Daily record sheets are available for each child outlining personal dietary requirements, sleep patterns and activities.

Nappies, wipes and creams are all provided by Characters for nursery use. We use the birth to three matters curriculum and we focus on individual play as well as social play. We work closely with parents to enable us to promote all the different stages of development, so for example, please let us know the consistency of the food that you give your child, so that we can make sure that the progress your child is making at home is carried on at nursery.

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