Free spaces at Characters

Funding available

Free places for 2, 3 and 4 years olds are available for 15 hours per week under the Me2 Funding and Pre-School Funding schemes run by Plymouth City Council.

When Is My Child Eligible?

If your child is born between:

1st April and 31st August


1st September and 31st December

1st January and 31st March

They are eligible for a free place from:

1st September following their third birthday or the beginning of the autumn school


1st January following their third birthday or the beginning of the spring school term

1st April following their third birthday or the beginning of the summer school term

Childcare vouchers

There are several salary sacrifice schemes available to parents. This allows parents to make huge savings in childcare costs. (Up to £933.00 a year per parent).

Each parent can claim up to £243.00 a month, which is non-taxable and exempt from national insurance. Pixieland accept all voucher schemes. For more information call us on 01752 662886.

Tax Credits

These credits are payments from the government. There are various criteria to be able to claim tax credits.

For more information visit:- or call us on 01752 662886

Help for students

Students in further education/higher education might be eligible for additional help. The care to learn scheme for under 20s or learning support. Ask your welfare advisory at your university/college for further details.

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